Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monsanto's Patent on Pigs

Please watch this video on video tells all about Monsanto's plans to own and control all food supplies. It tells about the 0-30% fertility that some farmers had when feeding GMO grain and one farmer fed non-GMO feed and the problems went away (and came back when he fed GMO.) The video also tells about the very inadequate testing and firing and threatening people who are against GMO. Now for the pigs the patent they want is for certain genes which are NATURALLY occurring in most pigs-even the rare heritage pigs.If Monsanto would get the patent they want they would "own" all the pigs in the whole world and where would they stop? Cows, sheep, goats, chickens, us??? We would be eating the pigs...

Please call your congress and tell them to fully endorse and openly support the "H.R. 6636 Genetically food Rights to Know act." Also demand a Moratorium on GMO's and their byproducts.


  1. this made me sick! We have used round-up ready corn in the past and I just found out it is made my Monsato. UGH

    I'm so glad we no longer raise corn!!

    This is just eye opening. I had no idea. thanks for sharing!

  2. A very well done video. Actually though, nothing said here is new and if you haven't seen the old Ron Howard movie, "Bitter Harvest," you really should. A massively depressing take on all these issues, but most importantly, a reminder of exactly how long we have been trying to get the public involved in this issue.

    During the later years of my midwifery practice I remember long debates with sister midwives from the midwest (I was practicing in VA at the time) about increases in infertility and miscarriages in their farming clients especially. But as is so deftly illustrated in the videos, comments from anyone outside Monsanto might as well be ramblings from the lunatic fringe.

    These issues have been brought before the government, scientists and farming agencies to no avail for years. It's a very sad statement about power and money.

    Thanks for finding this newest series. It is so well done that I have been able to send it to family members who will find its very honest and moderate tone easy to watch. We need everyone seeing -and responding- to this.

  3. The Justice Department is starting an investigation of Monsanto for violating anti-trust laws, because it appears they control something like 90% of the corn and soybean seeds. Maybe this will slow down their plans for world domination of the food supply.