Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have over 110 lambs and down to four more ewes to lamb and nine does to kid. I have a bunch of pictures, but can't get them on the computer right now (it has been updated and does not want to upload any pictures.)

I found this picture of a Finn ewe with seven lambs. ( )
I'm sure glad mine don't have 7 each or I'd have over 450 lambs!!!!

'Trina,' a 3-year-old Finnsheep, stands with her unusually large brood of seven 2-1/2 week-old lambs in a field at the home of their owner Colleen Peck , Thursday, April 12, 2012, in Snoqualmie, Wash. Finnsheep, a breed of domestic sheep known for multiple births, commonly give birth to up to five lambs.  The healthy septuplets, including four boys and three girls, are fed both by their mother and a supplemental formula hand fed by Peck. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)


  1. I have seen an Alpine goat that delivered 5 kids and all survived. About 5 years ago I sold a Dorper ewe to a neighbor, I originally thought about keeping her, boy was I glad I didn't she had 5 lambs and all survived, but I heard he was keeping 2 in the house and sleeping with them. But 7, that's tooo many.