Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Lambs

116 Lambs on the ground. Here goes for the list. 

Sommarang Gilroy-black, fine fleeced, horned and spotted. I'm hoping his groups throws lots of spots and fine fleeces.

Early Spring-mioget (carrys spots.) Lambs: black ewe, black krunet (white spot on head) ewe
Elm-lt. grey (carrys spots) Lambs: black ram, black ewe
Ferndale-sheala F1 Gordon Lambs:-2 black ewes
Glitter-white Lambs: white ram, white ewe
Gardenia-grey gulmoget/katomget F2 Dillon Lambs: black gulmoget ewe, grey katmoget ewe
Goldenred-moiget/musket F2 Orion Lambs: black ram, black ewe
Grettle-white F2 Jings Lambs: 2 white rams
Gladys-white F2 Jings Lamb: white ram
Hollyhocks-moorit (carrys spots) F2 Jericho Lambs: black yuglet, 3 white socks lamb (spots!) ewe, moorit ram
Honeydew-fawn katmoget (may carry spots) F2 Jericho Lambs: grey katmoget ram, black ram
Sheepy Hollow Sienna-moorit horned ewe Lambs: moorit ewe, black ram
UnderTheSon Jelly Drop-emsket Lambs: 2 black ewes
Funzie-grey katmoget, horned ewe F1 Jings Lambs: black ram, grey katmoget ram

PS23 Fife-moorit, F1 Orion fine fleece and fully horned out of a horned ewe. Long and deep bodied.
Flourance-white F2 Skeld Lambs: white ram, moorit ram
Fairlie-fawn F1 Orion. This is a linebreeding, hpoing he make the lambs crimpier and she makes them silkier as she is not very crimpy, but very silky. Lambs: moorit ram, moorit ewe
Gloria-white F2 Jings Lamb: golden musket ram
Hyacinth-grey katmoget F2 Jericho Lamb: moorit ram
Heather-grey katmoget F2 Jericho Lambs: black ewe, dk. grey katmoget ewe
Hope-white F2 Jings Lambs: white ewe, moorit ram
Hummingbird-black F2 Jericho Lambs: black ewe, black ram
Hydrangea-white F1 Skeld Lambs: white ewe, (black ram-died)
Forsythia-lt grey F2 Greyling Lambs: musket ram, black ewe

PS23 Hector-white F1 Jings super fine fleece. Fine boned and small-my smallest ram, refined. (Not undersized, just by comparison to my other rams.) I was actually going to use Fairlight my other F1 Jings who is much more meaty and a flock book type, but decided to use him  at the last minute instead.
Under The Son Aran-sheala Lambs: black ewe, black ewe with small white spot on head
Under The Son Hopi-sheala/dk brown horned ewe F2 Skeld Lambs: black ram, white ewe
Hadassah-moorit horned ewe F2 Orion Lamb: moorit ewe
Harmony-fawn katmoget, horned ewe F2 Orion Lambs: black ram, (white ewe-died)

Gilroy's lambs: 12 rams, 13 ewes

Fife's lambs: 8 rams, 6 ewes

Hector's lambs: 2 rams, 5 ewes

All Shetlands together: 22 rams, 24 ewes

Coopworth X Shetland Lambs: All whites 12 rams, 16 ewes out of 15 ewes

IleDeFrance/Dorset sired Lambs: All whites 22 rams, 16 ewes out of 22 ewes

2 girls cycled around and will be late-one of the IleDeFrance's and one of Gilroy's-Eastwind a spotted emsket. Just when I thought what nice spotted lambs they would have. Oh well.  I have 9 does due to kid starting today. Then I will be done!

I should have several purebred ewe lambs for sale as well as a few purebred Shetland ram lambs. I also will have white Coopworth X Shetland ewes for sale. The Coopworth X Shetland have very nice silky and shiny fleeces and a med. sized ewe that is a great commercial ewe with a nice handspining quality fleece .


  1. Any rams lambs that are polled?

  2. Hi Erica,

    I'm not sure yet if any are polled or not.