Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Overload

These are all pictures I look in late May/early June I couldn't post them as blogger kept making my picture weird wacky colors . Well the problem is gone, so here are all the pictures I couldn't post!

 This is the lamb who broke her leg. The picture was tacken shortly after getting her cast on. She accommodated well to wearing a cast! She had her cast cut off about 2 or 3 weeks ago now. At first she didn't use the leg, then limped badly, now she has an almost unperceptive limp! I'm going to keep her as she has a gorgeous, soft crimpy, pale grey fleece and well, she is special now. :)
 This little guy, Dingdong X Gilroy now has sprouts, err horns on his head. He is a fawn/moorit and has crimpy, soft wool.
 These are England's (Syrah X Caspian) and Gordon's (China X Danburry) doe kids. They are very nice! Both are keepers. One is a little paler than the other. They are both as fine as the pure whites.

 Ivy's triplets. Two are growing well (the third is the runt and would not take a bottle, she may be available as a fiber pet) and are oooo soft....! I washed Ivy's fleece and it is almost kid fine!
 Mama chicken with one of her two chicks. The "chicks" are now teenage chickens and were dumped by their mom and told to grow up.
 Swan X Huckleberry ewe lamb-musket fine and soft
 Gloria's ewe lamb-emsket or grey? I think a slow fading grey, but not sure. Very silky and crimpy
 Sienns's lambs by Craigrothie-white is a keeper and is silky and soft
 Gloria's lamb again. So sleepy and cute snuggled up next to mama.
 Dingdong's ewe lamb-very soft, loose crimp fleece
Jade's buck kid out of Danburry
 Eden's buck kid out of Danburry. He is still a keeper! Very fine mohair and a tiny bit of color
 kids, not. Lambs! Aran's lambs
 These two are Aran's ewe lambs by Gilroy
 Goldenrod's twins out of Hector. Grey is a keeper, silky soft fleece!
 Fonteyn's ram by Craigrothie. He was a keeper, but unfortunately died from a heart attack. Never had that before! (I have two rams and a ewe out of Fonteyn and several ewes and a ram out of Craigrothie, none had the same problem..)
Edelweiss's ram lamb by Gilroy.

Now to get current pictures....


  1. Very nice Laura......are you bringing any to the show this year?

  2. Hi Kelly,

    No, I'm not showing any sheep.I am showing a few fleeces this yea though.