Monday, August 13, 2012

Market Sire

The guy is my new terminal sire. He is an Ile De France X Dorset Dec. born ram lamb (behind him is the Corriedale ram who has about 2 in of wool-the lamb has only 1/4in right now.) You can't tell from the picture how well muscled and thick he is. He is meaty!  I plan to use him on all of my Shetland X Coopworth and the Shetland X Corriedales and possibly the Merino X Shetlands.

I got him from Maralyn Fowler . Maralyn thinks that the Ile De France do well on grass and so do the Dorset. The pure Ile De France would have been too thick to put on my girls, the Dorset combined well to produce a ram that is not quite as thick and a little longer and taller. Maralyn did not have to take any of her Ile De France cross lambs to market-the lamb buyers came to her and wanted those lambs.

Hopefully I'll have lots of growthy market lambs next year!

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  1. Very nice Laura.
    I met Marilyn at the Wi State Fair a couple weekends ago and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her a bit. A very knowledgable and delightful woman and I hope to run into her again soon.