Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lambs and kids as of 3/24/11

So far everyone survived the two day snow storm (this is not supposed to happen at the end of March. ) We got around 8 or 9 in. of snow and the ewes and does had to be locked up in the barn. I am so thankful that I did not get around to shearing my ewe lambs/doe kids or rams/bucks yet as they are in sheds and the snow blew in. They would have frozen! These are the little guys decided that it was time to come so far...

PS23 Dove had twin Corriedale/Shetland lambs. Both are ewes and have very crimpy birth coats. (Last years Corriedale/Shetland lambs had hairy birth coats, but were out of more double coated type ewes.)
Dove's white.
Dove's grey katmoget.
PS23 Ferndale had twin lambs out of PS23 Campbell. These lambs are F2 Jericho/Gordon. The black is a ewe. Yeah! as I need more blacks in my flock.
Ferndale's awn katmoget ram lamb. He should have nice wide horns.
Belle a white colorcarrier CAGBA doe had twin buck kids out of Caspian the faded red CAGBA buck that I got rid of last year. Both were chilled so warmed them in hot (not too hot to touch) water and then towel dried them and put them in a box with a hair drier for a homemade lamb/kid warmer. Angora kids are way more frail than lambs and the weather is not warm at all. Hopefully their dam takes them back... She should as she is the doe who's kid died last year and she took another doe's rejected kid before I tried any grafting tricks.


  1. Awwww. poor little guys look fragile too. I love the improved warming box. Do you knit the sweaters for the lambs, or are they "used" baby wear?

  2. One of the sweaters is a dog coat and other sweaters were from old sweaters that I cut into a rectangle and sewed the front on the bottom for the head end and leg bands on for the back end. The ones from old mohair and wool sweaters are the nicest as the breath and are warmer! I also have newborn baby undershirts that I sometimes put on a wet lamb when it is very cold. It seems to help them get dry faster and then when the shirt is wet and the lamb is drier I take it off.