Saturday, March 26, 2011

AI lambs and others as of 3/26/11

PS23 Essex had twin ram lambs out of PS23 Fife. The other looks just the same as this one.
Yesterday a ewe had some super tiny and weak crossbred lambs. One was only 3#5oz! The other was a couple oz. more. One could not even stand up until today. I don't know if they were early or what the deal was.
China had triplets out of Danburry (AAGBA buck.) This is the doe kid and she has a darker "spot" on her side. The other two are buck and are a pale red as well.
Sabbath Farm Fonteyn had triplet AI ram lambs out of Drum Ram (Black.) Unfortunately the first one was stillborn. He looked just like the grey katmoget except fawn katmoget and maybe a bit darker. The grey katmoget is darker in real life than in the picture.
Fontyen's fawn katmoget ram.
PS23 Eastwind had a moorit possibly fawn single ewe lamb out of PS23 Campbell. Eastwind is a HST (spotted) emsket so this girl should carry spots.
Eastwind's lamb again. She is hard to get a picture of as she was so bouncy and curious.
PS23 Forsythia had twin AI ram lambs of of Drum Jings. This one is light grey.
Forsythia's white ram lamb. I really like white Shetlands! These two both have the tiniest fluke shaped tails.

Hopefully the weather warms up soon so the snow can melt and the sheep can go outside. I also want to shear my ewe lambs and the boys....


  1. Love the lambs Laura, especially the moorits!

  2. I'm a gray kat fan, but there's something about white shetland lambs that is special.
    Hope to see some of these at Jefferson this fall Laura......hint, hint.

  3. Ooo love that grey kat!! All amazing as usual :)