Monday, July 5, 2010

New Goats

These goats came from Carol Ronan's high quality herd. In the past I have wistfully looked at Carol's goats on her website, but knew it was too far for me to go to get goats!
Thanks to Garrett Ramsey for making it possible to get goats from OR! Garrett picked up the goats at BSG and then dropped them off at Heather Landin's farm in Baldwin, WI. Thanks Garrett and Heather!

Also a special thanks to Linda Brion , Sheeps and Me, for letting me use her sheep hauling van to go get them with!

I spent all last Wednesday driving. The drive was nice, but quite long. I drove through a long stretch of forests and an Amish community. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't all turn out. Here are a couple though.Now the goats!
Treasure is a 6 year old doe with a nice fine fleece.
Terra is a 4 year old doe also with a fine fleece. She has "mohair ears" too! A breeder in TX told me that goats with mohair on their ears have heavier fleeces than those that don't. Her horns arn't perfect, but her twin had nice horns. I don't mind as I don't plan on showing.
Jade is a 2 year old doe and had twins this spring. (the other two does were left open.) Her fleece is not quite as fine as the others, but is still very nice and shiny and silky!
Albee is a 1 year old buck. He has a very nice temperament and very nice locks.

Terra and Treasure were shorn quite a bit later than the other two. That is why their mohair is shorter!

I'm really pleased with the new goats. They are not wild, nor are they too tame. They seem to have handled the move better than the TX goats even though they are from farther away. My guess is it is because OR is more like WI in weather conditions than TX is to WI.

I look forward to crossing them to both the colored CAGBA goats and the white AAGBA goats from TX. Hmm... next spring I might have a hard time deciding which kids to keep!


  1. I got to meet your new goats in the back of Garrett's truck. Glad to hear they made the trip safely!

  2. Neat about seeing them! Thanks