Saturday, June 26, 2010


While we were in Green Bay enjoying the botanical garden a big storm came through (not sure if it was a real tornado, but it still did damage!) The power was out for about five hours as a power line post broke at a neighbor's house. I think this was the biggest storm we've ever had.

The barn door must have been blowing around as that t-post had been on the outside and was in the inside when we got home. Thankfully the barn door is fine.The tarp sheds I made last fall are kind of squashed!

The chimney broke.
This tailor moved about 80* in the wind.
A small shed blew into our laundry line and both smashed.
A neighbor's hay wagon blew over.
Another neighbor's tree came down (so did lots of other trees and branches.)

Thankfully both my fencers were fine and no animal was hurt. A calf hutch blew about 25-30 ft., knocking down some fences on the way, into the pasture where the sheep and goats were.


  1. Wow, Laura...I'm glad no person or animal was hurt! Maybe it was straight line winds?

  2. Nature does tend to wallop a punch. Glad that no one was hurt Laura.