Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh what fun it is to play

My lambs (Shetland and crossbred) were having FUN! Ok this was kind of a set up. One day they escaped and started immediately playing on the snow "mountain" next to their pen. I was mad at them and did not have a camera with me so I quickly shooed them back into their pen. So after a couple days I thought that would make a great picture so...I let them out.HEhe. They had a blast running up and down the "mountain". Then the plan went a little wrong, this time they would not go back to their pen instead they run up and down the drive way, then found an open gate to one of the pastures and had marathons in there. OK TIME to go back..a bucket of grain and they all followed me as if I was the pied piper back to their pen.


  1. Looks like one of our groups of BWS - they have a mountain of dirt in their pasture - but they are not lambs, they're adults - so "king of the hill" is not a game limited to lambs!

  2. Yes, my adult ewes and rams sometimes just start running and popping and play butting too. I love watching them play.