Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ram fight, hay and lambs!

On Wednesday my rams had a fight. Craigrothie the white used to be the boss ram,but Drummond the musket took over.
On Friday I dewormed my ewes and sold a ewe (PS23 Buttercup) , then on Saturday I got a semi load of hay and went to a funeral.

On Tuesday there were lambs! This first lamb (the one with black spots) was rejected. We found her in the snow unable to get up as her back legs were frozen. She's fine now. The dam is Alice my Merino.

On Wednesday there were more lambs! Meatball the dam is a Corriedale/Dorset. I got coats on all the lambs.

Yes I know I left my rams with my ewes too long in the summer, but there are only two ewes who can breed out of season. So this is what I get ...

In 5 week I'm going to be shearing my flock-I'll have lots of nice wool and mohair! In 2 months (last week of Mar. except for a doe who'll kid in mid-Mar.) the rest of my flock will lamb/kid. I'll have lots of babies!!!


  1. Cute coat for that little one. They sure need those coats in this weather.

  2. Congratulations on the healthy lambs Laura. They sure are cute.

  3. Well, at least your lambs have a stretch of warmer weather now than we had been having. We don't start til the end of March, which I think I prefer, as I hate going out to the barn for that last late night check before I go to bed when it is still winter. Hope your babies thrive. Congrats!

  4. cute lambs! how many sheep do you feed a round bale and how long does it last? How big are the bales? 800# 1200#?

  5. Hi Garrett,

    I feed a bale every 2 1/2 days. The bale were 900# at baling time, but might be less now 800 or 850#?

    I am feeding 3 cattle (they are smaller 2 are Dexters and 1 is a Jersey), and 65 sheep and goats.