Monday, February 9, 2009

OK another lamb!!!

Bluebell and rambie lamb.

Baby lamb again. He's quite a bit darker in real life.
Bluebell protecting her lamb-he is in the corner.

So much for no more lambs until March! I kept my rams with my ewes in the summer and took them out on September 17th. I thought that no one would breed that early except the two non-Shetland ewes. But obviously Shetlands CAN breed early!!!! I checked udders on the ewes that I did not see come in heat and thankfully they are not ready to lamb. I do know who this guy's sire is as Campbell is the only ram that can sire katmoget and Bluebell does not have the katmoget gene.

(This year I think my rams can live by themselves !)


  1. congrats Laura on your first shetland! :) Now you have a month to wait until the rest of the shetlands lamb! When do your mules lamb?

  2. At least he is a handsome little guy, and he is healthy although unexpected.

  3. Oh what a cutie! At least you know who the dad is by his pattern. I have run my rams and ewes together for the summer, but I got them separated by early August. I don't dare do that now that I have the BFLs. Enjoy your new lambs.

  4. I put the rams in on Oct. 26 so they should start around the 20th of March. I only kept 2 Shetland mules I bred both to my NCC, but I think on may have re-cycled and then would be bred to a Shetland. I do have about 10 ewes bred to the BFL for mules.


  5. Hey, Laura - that lamb sure is a cutie. We hope to shear here in about a month. The first group of BWS start lambing end of March, the Shetlands start mid-April, then the rest of the BWS start late April. I'm getting impatient!