Friday, June 21, 2013

Fleece Shows

I entered these fleeces at Hoosier Hills Fiber Show in southern IN.
 First place on a white Coopworth X Shetland, "Henrietta".

 Second clip kid, "Indonesia"/ #613 won first place. (I never showed a mohair fleece before, their aren't too many shows for mohair.)


And Best of Show with...

A silver Corriedale X Shetland lamb fleece, "Iola".

I also showed a couple at Greencastle, IN Fiber Show. 

I won a first place with a white Corriedale X Shetland/BFL,  "Hava". (Hava should also win a prize for having the biggest lamb. He was 15.5# at birth and is close to 80# now!)

I won a second place with a 3/4 Coopworth X 1/4 Shetland lamb, "Idalia"


  1. Gorgeous fleeces and congratulations on your ribbons! On your Corriedale Shetland crosses, is the Shetland the sire? Sounds like an awful big lamb for a Shetland to deliver.


  2. Thanks!

    The Corriedale was the sire. He is a smaller Corriedale (quite a bit lighter than a BFL) and the Shetlands don't have any trouble. The biggest lamb, the 15.5# is out of a Corriedale X BFL/Shetland and my Ile De France X Dorset ram.