Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loving Tommy

This post is a little off topic, but is about our very important greeter.
 Tommy is a wonderful old guy. He is friendly and shows off to everyone who comes, "See me, look at me, aren't I handsome!" He even likes the turkey poults and has literally taken them under his wing! Look closely under his right wing. These poults are from a hatchery and have no "mom", Tommy has taken over the job, and even comes running to protect them if I pick one up (ex: one gets stuck on the wrong side of the fence and needs help going back) and it screams.
All lined up to sleep. Tommy lost his tail to a dog attack. Unfortunately Tommy has some competition from a young year old tom. The year old tom does not like the poults and pecks them, so Tommy's act really is a bit unusual. (Talking of unusual the most unusual animal couple we've had was a cat and a chicken who was 1/2 the size she should have been as she had something wrong with her. Those to slept together every night under a goat milk stand.)


  1. Sometimes nature is unbelievably cruel, and other times - like this - it is incredibly wonderful. Thanks for sharing dear Tommy with us!