Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lambing/kidding stats

PS23 Fife AI (Orion)-moorit very fine and crimpy
PS23 Essex (moorit)- 2 moorit rams
PS23 Daysong(grey katmoget)- moorit ram
PS23 Finch (white)-white/tan? ram and moorit gulmoget ram
PS23 Ely Cathedral (fawn katmoget)-moorit ram and fawn katmoget ewe
PS23 Edelwiess (musket katmoget)-fawn katmoget ram and fawn katmoget ewe

PS23 Campbell AI (Jericho)-fawn katmoget long fine crimpy fleece
Windswept Lime(white)- moorit ram and white with fading spots ewe
PS23 Dingdong (fawn blettet)-fawn katmoget ewe
PS23 Eastwind (emsket HST)-moorit krunet ewe
PS23 Evening Primrose (black gulmoget)-black ewe and grey katmoget ewe
PS23 Ferndale AI (Gordon black/sheala?)-black ewe and fawn katmoget ram, ram may be for sale
PS23 Flourance (white)-white ram
PS23 Fiona (black)-black krunet ewe and grey katmoget ewe

PS23 Fairlight AI (Jings)-white cimpy and fine, polled/scurred
PS23 Emrald (grey katmoget)-white ram and white ewe, ram may be for sale
Sheepy Hollow Sienna (moorit)-white ram and fawn "ghost" katmoget ram-this guy is super nice! May be for sale if I don't keep him
Alice white Merino-white ewe lamb
Fronzie white Shetland X Merino-white ram and white ewe

AI Jings (white)
PS23 Forsythia (grey)-grey ram and white ram

AI Drum Ram (black)
Sabbath Farm Fontyen (fawn katmoget)-stillborn fawn katmoget ram, grey katmoget ram and fawn katmoget ram
Sabbath Farm Silvia (grey)-grey ram

AI Island Skeld (white)
Sabbath Farm Swan (musket)-white ram and white ewe

UNK sire
PS23 Funzie AI(Jings grey katmoget)-moorit ewe. I think PS23 Fife is the sire, but will have to do parentage testing to register.
Garland (white Coopworth X Shetland/BFL)-white ram

Cooper-white Coopworth
Fuzz (white Shetland X Corriedale/Dorset)-white wether and white ewe
Febee (white Shetland X Merino)-white ram and white ewe
PS23 Bluebell (sheala iset)-white ewe and white ram
PS23 Cinderella (black iset)-2 white rams
PS23 Early Spring (moiget)-white ram
PS23 Ewe Won (mioget HST)-white ram
0364 (unregistered musket Shetland)-2 white rams
0367 (unregistered lt.grey Shetland)-2 white ewes
0369 (unregistered lt.grey Shetland)-white ram and white ewe

Windham-white (color carrier) Corriedale
Echo (grey katmoget Shetland X BFL)-2 white ewes
Fudge (charcoal Shetland X BFL)-white wether and charcoal ewe
PS23 Dove (white)-white ewe and grey katmoget ewe
PS23 Ewe Two (moorite)-white ram and white ewe
PS23 Felicity (white)- white ram
PS23 Easterlilly (white)-white ram and white ewe
PS23 Fairlie AI( Orion fawn)-white ewe with black dot on neck

Grant-colored (charcoal/grey) Coopworth
Bramble Jocelyn (moorit)-black ewe and black ram
UnderTheSon Sorelle (moorit iset)-black ewe and black ram
Longshadow Amber (musket)-2 grey rams and black ewe
UnderTheSon Claremori (fawn)-black ram and black ewe
PS23 Elm (lt. grey)-grey ram and black ram
0363(unregistered lt.grey Shetland)-black ewe and grey ram

Albee-AAGBA white OR buck
England (CAGBA "black")-pale silver buck, cream buck, white doe
Pearl (CACBA faded red)-white buck, white doe
Eden(AAGBA white)-stillborn white buck

Caspian-faded red CAGBA buck
Belle(CAGBA white)-2 white bucks

Danburry-AAGBA white TX buck
China(CAGBA "black")-2 reddish bucks and a reddish doe with a darker spot on the side (they will look like white goats when they grow up)
Terra (AAGBA white)-white buck-died
Jade (AAGBA white)-white buck
Treasure(AAGBA white)-didn't kid
France (CAGBA white)-white doe

92 born out of 53 bred 174% lambing/kidding

182% with just the sheep, 220% for CAGBA does, 75% for AAGBA does (both kinds of goats together 133%.)

Out of 92 3 died/or were stillborn= 3% death loss

Summery: I really need to work on lambing percentages! The AAGBA goats do have an excuse for this year as 3 were from OR (one of the OR does is the one who didn't kid.) My goal is to get over or at least at 200%

Last year I had 166% lambing/kidding, so at least this year I did make a little progress (8% better.)

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  1. Can't wait to see them as they all mature. Great results, I'd say you have had a successful year.