Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Guy and Some Visitors

I was feeding my animals after the big snow storm we just had and looked over and thought "the horses are the wrong color", then "oh! the neighbors horses are here!" Two Norwegian Fjords, a donkey and a spotted horse came for a visit with my sister, Lydia's horses. While they were waiting for their "ride home" I served them some hay. (That was to distract them from getting into any trouble while their owner walked over.) Their owner got a halter on one and the rest all trotted back home.

The horses with sheep in the background.
A Fjord.

On Sunday a lovely kitten appeared. He/she is taming down a bit and is very cute. The two cats we already have are leaving ignoring at. They stay in the garage and it is in the barn with the chickens. The little guy slept next to a chicken last night. Now to think of a name...

To top off all that excitement I had a "blond" moment. This morning I had to dig trails and dig out gates so that I could feed everyone tonight. The flashlight that I keep in my coat pocket fell out. Then when I was almost done feeding tonight (it was twilight) I noticed that the snow was glowing. "Weird, why's the snow glowing?" I thought and then "ohh it's the flashlight." (I guess that's what happens when I stay up too late. My brothers were out with some friends and barely made it home. They got stuck three times and then gave up and managed to get a ride in a truck to our house and they all stayed as the rest of the kids lived farther away. Boys. Never. Think. Ok sometimes they do...)

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  1. Here's another "blond moment" to share...when I lived in the Colorado Rockies, I was skiing at night at Keystone Mountain, in Summit County with a bunch of friends when I looked up at the moon and thought how pretty and storybook-like it yellow and pretty, a perfect yellow cressant! I stopped to just enjoy the moment, and stared for a moment at the pretty yellow moon....then realized wait a minute! I've got my goggles on! The lenses were tinted yellow........
    Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm's 'nother one! I was hiking in the back country one beautiful sunny summer day in the Rockies when I bent down to appreciate the beauty of a lovely little alpine tundra brook...the water so refreshing, I dipped my hand in the glittering bottom sand and scooped some up. So pretty and glittery...I wondered if I'd (humor myself)find gold. As I pushed the sand to the side, GOLD appeared!!! I gasped and my heart started racing! Gold!....oh wait, that's my ring band!!!!! Sigh..