Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Three of my Angora does were not registered (CAGBA) and since one or both their parents were not registered they had to be registered by inspection. One can choose physical inspection or photo inspection. I chose photo inspection ( as I tried to do the physical inspection a couple years ago, but could to take the goats to the show in MI, due to WI state rules.) For the photo inspection one needs 12 pictures of the goats (shorn and full fleece) as well as the entire unskirted fleece. The fleeces/photos are mailed to a show where the the inspection is held. A goat has to pass three judges (they have a list of traits they check) to be registered.

I am quite pleased to say that all three passed! Now all of my goats are registered.
China's side shot in full fleece and then shorn.
England in full fleece and shorn.

Belle in full fleece and then shorn.


  1. It is amazing the difference from the shorn and full fleece. I had mine sheared a couple of weeks ago and was very happy with the amount of fleece I got. Congratulations on all three being approved! My buck is not registered and I need to do a photo inspection of him. I am curious though about Belle. She looks to be a white. I did not think CAGBA would register a white goat.

  2. Oh what beautiful mohair you will have from those gorgeous goats!

  3. Hi Marie,

    CAGBA does register whites. CAGBA's whites are usually color carriers (my doe threw a silver kid) and they are different from the AAGBA whites. The AAGBA goats are finer fleeced on the whole and are unfortunately not as hardy, in my experience. CAGBA has two different color cards for the goats as well-the blacks and darker reds get a blue card and the whites and pale reds get a red card.

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks! I do love mohair!

  4. Thanks, Laura! I did not know that about the whites and CAGBA. Thanks!