Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Shetland lambs and some Angora kids

PS23 Emrald's grey gulmoget/katmoget ewe lamb out of SheltringPines Justinian (F1 Dillon). Very soft fleece. A keeper
Emrald's black gulmoget out of SheltringPines Justinian (F1 Dillon). Nice silky soft fleece. May be a keeper.
Sabbath Farm Swan x PS23 Fife (F1 Orion) musket ewe. A keeper! Very fine, crimpy and soft!
Swan's other lamb- a dark musket ewe. May be for sale. Long silky fleece.
PS23 Daysong and PS23 Fairlight (F1 Jings) ewe lamb-a keeper. Nice fleece. Love her build. (No she doesn't hock in-just standing weird.)
Daysong's other ewe also a keeper!
Longshadow Amber's lambs out of PS23 Fandango (F2 Greyling). Musket is a keeper and has a long silky soft fleece. (Black may go to market as her fleece is harsh right now.)
Sheepy Hollow Sienna's musket ewe lambs out of PS23 Drummond (F1 Brent) one is a keeper and one for sale. Both have long silky and soft fleeces.
PS23 Easterlilly's grey gulmoget out of ShetlringPines Justinian(F1 Dillon). Longer silky fleece. A keeper.Easterlilly's ram. (AG) grey (carries solid) May be polled. Fleece is softer and finer than his twins. May be for sale.
Fonteyn's ram musket katmoget ram lamb . For sale
Fonteyn's second musket Katmoget ram lamb. May be for sale.

Musket (carries solid moorit) ram out of Sabbath Farm Fonteyn and PS23 Drummond (F1 Brent). For sale.Fleece shot of one of the triplets-their fleeces are very similar. All three have long silky fine fleeces. The musket is a bit denser than the other two.
Grey gulmoget/katmget (also carries brown) ram out of PS23 Edelweiss and SheltringPines Justinian(F1 Dillon). Long silky, fine fleece. For sale.

Both are Windswept Lime's ewes out of PS23 Fandango (F2 Greyling). Both have very soft crimpy, fleeces. One is a defiantly a keeper and I may sell one.

Sabbath Farm Silvia's twins out of PS23 Fairlight (F1 Jings) Ewe- a keeper and left and ram to the right-for sale. Very fine crimpy fleeces on both.Nice hindies on these two. (Above lambs)AAGBA pure white doe kid out of Eden my TX doe and the TX buck. Very, very nice! A keeper of course.
CAGBA faded red doe kids out of Pearl a faded red doe and the TX buck. Nice. Both keepers.


  1. Nice lamb crop, Laura. I expecially like your F1 Orion and the Shelteringpines Justinian daughter.