Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lambing/kidding 3/19-3/27

Here are some of the lambs and kids that have arrived so far.

First, this is England's buck kid he weighed 4# at birth. He is the dumbest baby animal that I have ever had! He refused to nurse from his dam until he was 4 days old and I had to hold him on to get him to nurse. Finally at 6 days he nursed from her on his own. Talk about slow! (He will not be used or sold for breeding. :> ) The first Corriedale sired Shetland lambs! Both are ewes and weighed 6# 12oz and 7# 5oz. Both were very vigorous at birth and are doing well. Birth coats look like a double coated Shetland lamb's. (The ewe is double coated/intermediate.)
Pearl my faded red Angora doe had twin faded red DOE kids out of the pure white Texas buck! I am so glad that they are both does. They 4#8oz and 4#15oz.Alice my Merino had Shetland (Fandango) sired cross lambs -a ram and ewe. They weighed 6#13oz and 6#4oz.This huge "pony" is almost as tall as my Shetland ewes and weighed 13#! She is out of the Corriedale and Eco a katmoget Shetland/BFL mule.First Coopworth sired Shetland cross lamb. He weighed 6# His birth coat looks like a Coopworth lamb's.Dove a white Shetland ewe produced the first pure Shetland lambs of the year. They are both rams out of Drummond a musket. They weighed 5#7oz and 5#8oz.


  1. Ooooo LOVE the natural colored BFL/Shetland/Corridale cross! Can't wait to see what that fleece turns out like! :)

  2. Gorgeous lambs and kids- congratulations!