Thursday, February 4, 2010


I made some Chevre cheese, but it didn't turn out quite right. The recipe is easy you heat 1 gallon of milk to 86* and add the culture then let set at 72* for 12 hours. You then drain the cheese through a cheese cloth and let hang (in the cloth) for 6-12 hours.

Here is what I did- I followed the recipe, but the culture was about 3 years old, from when I had dairy goats, but I still used it. Then I put the milk/culture in a warm water bath by the wood burning stove as our house is way colder than 72*! The milk did not seem ready after 12 hours so I ended up letting it sit for about 30 hours (when it finally looked ready.) I let it hang for 2 days as the whey was still dripping. Oh and chevre is usually made with goats milk so that could make a difference too. The cheese tasted sort of like strong sour cream and was kind of in between sour cream and cream cheese.

I decided to make a cheese cake and it was yummy! (My mom also put some of the cheese into some clam chowder soup that she made and that was good too!)

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