Friday, May 8, 2009

Out they go! / The first rites out Summer!

Yah! I finally got them out! (The rams and cattle will have to wait until Sat. or Mon.) I spent a lot of time dewoming, delousing, hoof trimming, giving CDT (to the ewes/does, the lambs will get done when they are older) and finishing shearing-so I could delouse them. Then I set up the electro net and fencer and out they went. (I move my sheep every 1-3 days.) There was mad confusion as the lambs were calling for their dams and they were too busy eating to answer. They were still bawling when I went in. This morning they are all quiet and peaceful-the lambs are by their dams!

I just got an e-mail this morning from my Angora friends that went to Texas for that they are back! I will probably go down to the farm where the goats are on Sat. I got/am getting 1 buck and 3 does. These goats are the super fine Texas whites. They may actually carry color as the breeder is breeding for color out of whites (CAMs ) rather then the CAGBA goats. I can't wait to see the goats!!

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