Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ewe Won's lamb and an event

PS23 Ewe Won had a moorit or fawn ewe lamb. (Ewe Won is a mioget HST) The lamb is the wildest lamb I've had. I went into the pen and she was soo frightened! She ran as fast as she could to her mom (who also is not tame at all.)

Today I went to a craft sale to try to sell my yarn and roving. I only sold 2 balls of roving. I should have known better than to try selling there. There was not a good market for wool/yarn. At least I got all (150) of my buisness cards stamped on the back with my blog adress. I also spun some yarn and read a magazine.
This is a picture of my booth (I normally have a lot more stuff, but did not bring it all.)

The vender next to me had yard decorations hand molded out of cement. They were very cool!

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