Monday, March 23, 2009

Good bye little kid

China's buck #1 died in the night. He ended up being rejected by her so he was kept in the house (in the laundry room) and bottle fed. He did not want to eat much and he had trouble breathing as well as his legs being bent and his weird ribs. At least he is not suffering now. If he had made it he would not have had a good life because his legs were so bad.


  1. Maybe it was for the best that he didn't survive. How is the other little buck doing?

  2. The other buck kid was fine and still is fine. (I'll castrate him in case it is genetic. Last year China had a buck out of the same sire and he has bad pasterns on his front legs.)

  3. Hmmm. I guess it could be genetic. I don't know that much about sheep, just horses. I had a year when several foals were born down in the pasterns and which strangely sprung turned out to be a mineral deficiency even though there were plenty of mineral blocks available to the horses.

    Sometimes weird things just happen.